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The question is one that must be answered daily by Muslims who make their living as dealers at casinos in Atlantic City. The religion says that if you work in a gambling establishment, then you are considered to be abetting gamblers, and that is forbidden in the Islam religion.

On the other hand, the economy is one that, with a limited amount of available jobs, dealing in a casino may be the only way for some of these Muslims to support their families, some of which are rather large.

Saleem Ahmed is one of the Muslims dealing with this battle daily, “My problem is that I’m not a rich man. I have kids. I need medical insurance…In front of God, I am wrong on that, i know that. On the other hand, I tell my God i do this because I have no alternative.”

Due to the environment that New York and New Jersey is accustomed to, it is difficult for Muslims to get jobs. Their lack of education almost forces them to do whatever is necessary to survive, and sometimes that means being at odds with their religious beliefs.

Religion has changed much over the past few decades, with more and more ways to practice different religions popping up all around, and the Muslims are certainly not the only religion where there is conflict between beliefs and jobs that allow for family survival.

The fact that gambling is legal in New Jersey further complicates the problem for these Muslims as the jobs they are doing are not even against the law, making it more of a battle for religious leaders.

Many Muslims believe that following the word of the law of Islam is next to impossible in America, making their internal battle much deeper.

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