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Michael Vick was the poster child of the NFL for several years. The league marketed Vick as the future of the league and he was on nearly every poster or magazine cover. His jersey’s were being worn all across the nation.

Then came the dogfighting charges and a conviction. Vick soon after learned how the NFL is a cold, hard business. They turned their back on him like no person would ever do to a family member.

The league likes to praise their role models when they are model citizens, then, at the first sign of danger, they run the other way and pretend the player never existed. Not only does the NFL do this with their players, but they also have the same hypocritical attitude towrds gambling.

Since Vick was involved not only with breaking the law, but also bankrolling a gambling operation, he was doomed immediately. Now, it looks as if the problem that the NFL thought they had rid themselves of, could be back sooner than expected.

Vick has already said he wants to return to the NFL when he is done paying his debt to society. Indications today is that it will happen sooner than later. Vick plead guilty to state dogfighting charges, and received a three year suspended sentence. that cleared the way for him to be released early from prison.

Vick is scheduled to be released from prison on July 20th of 2009. He is expected to immediately apply for reinstatement from the NFL. The NFL has given second chances before, but this could be different. Vick was the NFL for years before his conviction, and his demise reflects poorly on the league.

No comment has come from the commissioners office regarding Vick, but they will be watching intently as the details of Vick’s case unfolds.

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